Meet Shri. B. Angshai Phom of Yongam Village under Longleng District, the man with the Midas Touch. A man with many facets and a flare for Agri & Allied activities, he is now one of the most recognized progressive farmers in the District. With his earnings through various agri & allied activities, he could sent his 6 (six) childern to different colleges. Recognizing his tremendous achievements in different areas of farming, he received the Best Farmer award from Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland in 2010. So influential as a farmer is he, that many agri and allied Departments in the State employ his services for imparting trainings to other farmers.

Some of his achievements out of many are:-

Nursery:- In 1997-98 he started out on an fantastic journey of starting an orange nursery and produced about 2,00,000 Orange saplings which earned him and unbelievable Rs.4,50,000/-. Encouraged by the success of this venture, he has been raising different Horticulture saplings in his nursery like Orange, Cardamom, Betel nut, Lemon, Pineapple and so on. The average annual income from his nurseries is estimated to be about Rs.2,25,000/- to RS.2,50,000/-

Tree Plantation :- His love for plants and sense of moral duty towards the environment made him start tree Plantation from 1996-1998 in current Jhum fields mostly with Hollock, Khokon and Gamari covering 15 Hac with about 38,500 nos of trees. This, he believes is a way of thanking Mother Nature for her gifts and blessing towards him and mankind.

Large Cardamom:- Yongam Village, the native village of Shri. Angshai Phom is popularly known as the Cardamom Village and the credit for this goes to him, as he is the man behind the introduction of Large cardamom in the Village. The cultivation of Large Caradmom with the assistance of the Department proved beneficial for him and has helped divert the mindset of the local farmers to change from unproductive Jhum cultivation to sustainable cardamom farming. He now, owns about 5.5 ha of Large Cardamom with a yield of 340 Kgs dried capsules which earns him about Rs.1,02,000/-

Orange and Pineapple Plantation:- Mr. Angshai Phom also owns a 2.5 Ha orange and pineapple orchard which he started with the aid of the Department in 2004, from which he earns around Rs. 2 Lakhs.