Against the backdrop of a large scale cultivation of Kholar & Maize traditionally in Tuensang District, Chingmei village under the erstwhile Noklak Sub-Division adopted Large Cardamom Cultivation and was one of the pioneers in cultivation of large Cardamom under Tuensang District. Presently about 425 households out of the 600 households are actively involved in Large Cardamom cultivation, the credit of which goes to Mr. Sipong Chang, a teacher by profession who initiated the cultivation of Large Cardamom in the village about 9 years back.

The initial hurdles and discouragement as in every new venture did not dampen the villagers’ spirit which was ultimately rewarded. With around 250 ha under L/cardamom cultivation and approximately 11, 65,000 plants, the farmers of the village are reaping the rewards of the seed sown years ago. During 2017, the sale of 7 tonnes capsules @Rs. 500/Kg fetched the villagers an income of Rs. 35 Lakhs, in addition, income of Rs. 11 Lakhs was also generated by the sale of around 220000 Nos of Large Cardamom suckers to the Department. Chingmei village has certainly set the trend for taking up Large Cardamom as an profitable alternative to Jhum cultivation in Tuensang district.